note to world

letting go is better than maintaining control.

if you hold it in, it will come out. i promise you. it always does. in bruises and scars, in cuts and slices. and you can’t hide those for long, people will see and stare and judge and pry.

but be careful. they don’t care; they’re simply curious. they aren’t concerned for you, they’re thinking of who they’re going to tell this juicy information to once your conversation is over. “look, did you see that girl? yeah, i just found out she cuts herself. she’s psycho. she’s depressed. she hates herself. did you know she tried to kill herself? no, not once. three times.”

this is what they will say when they pry into your life. they don’t care. they’re curious. they don’t want to help. they want to know.

so just be careful who you open up to, you know? that’s all i’m asking.


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