It doesn’t get better..

so last night I was sleeping over at eric’s and I don’t even remember what we were talking about or doing but we kept laughing so hard and we were being so silly and talking about everything and having tickle fights and laughing hysterically and were dancing around so silly to hip hop music in his room and it was so much fun and I love him so much and it was one of my best memories with him and he is so perfect for me and I am so perfect for him and I didn’t even imagine that we could still be this much in love and be so playful and adorable and have so much fun together after seven months it’s like a dream come true….And then we just fell asleep looking at each other and he wanted to hold my hand while he slept and I love it because he lays next to me and whispers everything he loves about me and how much I mean to him while I fall asleep and I sleep so much better with him because he keeps the bad dreams away and the urge to cut goes away and he always holds my left wrist while we sleep because I apparently scratch it really hard in my sleep he says because I haven’t cut in so long I just love how much he cares about me and wants me to be happy…
And we were having so much fun, it was like he was my best friend. I mean, when I think about it we didn’t even know each other I mean we just started talking and like five days later we decided we wanted to be together because it felt so right so we kind of skipped the friendship stage and went right to the romantic in love kissing stage but now it’s like he really is my best friend and I love that feeling. He’s the first person I want to tell things to when good or bad things happen. He’s the one I go to for comfort, even when he’s the one who hurt me. I love the way he always walks on the side close to the road so that i am safe. We know everything about each other. We care so incredibly deeply about each other it hurts, in a good way. And I know that I would die to save him, and he would die to save me. We laugh together, we cry together, we fight sometimes but neither of us can live without the other and we love each other so passionately and so truly. We can be absolutely silly and we can have the most deep and heartfelt conversations. We comfort each other and encourage each other and make each other so blissfully happy.

If you’re as incredibly lucky as I am to find your other half like this, never let him go. It’s not always easy and it’s never perfect. You’ll yell and think you would be better off with someone else. But you’ll always come back to them the next day because they are your world, and don’t ever let your pride get in the way of utterly complete happiness like this.

Eric Eberly you are my world. My best friend. My love. My life.


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