What am I doing wrong?

I’m pretty dang convinced that you can’t have a better job than mine. I get paid to sit and watch march madness on a ten foot screen. I get food all the time. I have a date with Riley Nelson (we’ll see about that one). And let’s be honest here, I look pretty dang good every day with my heels, pencil skirt, awesome shirts and my hair all long and curly.

So if I look so dang attractive and have all these sweet setups with the athletic department, why is it that in all of my time here at BYU, supposedly the dating machine, not one boy has ever asked me out? (I refuse to count the one who is shorter than me who stood me up, as well as the unbelievably gorgeous and muscular Asian guy who ALSO stood me up).

Really though, what’s wrong with me? I spend time making myself look good, I have a nice smile and lets face it I am freaking hilarious. So why is it that all the so so girls are engaged and I am dateless?

I also don’t count the one who asked me out at work last second only because his first date backed out.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Stop complaining

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      Don’t read my blog if you don’t like it it’s here for me not you

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