Monthly Archives: October 2012

Liberals vs. republicans

Guide to being a democrat: 1. Always contradict yourself to the point that you don’t have any actual beliefs other than what benefits you in the moment. 2. Insist consistently that you’re so open minded and Republicans are so close minded, even though republicans are the ones who say “its ok to have different beliefs, […]

Position to pray

But like I was saying, life literally brought me to my knees last night. I was stressed and being haunted by multiple hints, I’d been dumped, I was scared of someone, I’d been having increasingly awful nightmares, I’ve had panic attacks after running out of meds, and I haven’t talked to anyone about anything because […]

Cold hearted me

Yesterday life very literally brought me to my knees. In months I haven’t ever complained, cut myself, cried, or showed any sort of emotion whatsoever. I don’t have serious conversations, I don’t pity myself or pity or even sympathize with anyone else, period. People try to complain to me or be like “I am so […]