so last night I was sleeping over at eric’s and I don’t even remember what we were talking about or doing but we kept laughing so hard and we were being so silly and talking about everything and having tickle fights and laughing hysterically and were dancing around so silly to hip hop music in […]

Is it bad that I realized the reason I gained weight is because I stopped cutting That was a bad thing to realize Here we go again

I have gained weight since coming to college (who hasn’t) but it seems like I’m the only one and I look at myself and I’m disgusted and I feel so fat and I just want to be skinny and have a flat stomach like I did over the summer and I could lean over and […]

Looking super chic today in my brown boots, gray tights, gray pencil skirt, loose white v neck and bomber jacket, I had one mission: make guys notice the stunningly attractive girl that I am. When I informed my mother of my feeling degraded by the fact that in one whole semester not one man has […]

Change your name to bekah. So I’m all, yes I’m a good girlfriend, and thinking that I will whip up something special for mine and Eric’s six month anniversary, I buy strawberries and chocolate chips. Feeling like Bobby Flay, I pour copious amounts of chocolate into a pan, add some butter and milk and light […]

woke up this morning couldn’t breathe couldn’t swallow couldn’t talk couldn’t eat my throat kills my head is pounding i am dizzy all the time   final farewells…

stupid freshman 15. i’ve gained so much weight it’s freaking ridiculous. and i broke up with eric because of it. the one person who thinks i’m absolutely perfect i pushed away.   what is wrong with me.